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Alexandru Vlaicu

QA Software Engineer

Anton Deliamure

Cofounder and Developer

Cătălin Clipea

Mining consultant

Daniela Schiopu

Data processing specialist

David Buga


Diana Tudor

IT Infrastructure Analyst

Emy Plescan

AI Researcher/Cofounder

Marius Gulie


Marius Morra

CSO / Co-founder

Paul Achim

Marketing Manager

Robert Bădiță


Sabin Simionescu

CEO / Co-founder

Sorin Nistor

Researcher (Computer Science)

Alexandru Rădulescu

Andrei Popescu

Christopher Franko

Ovidiu Toma

Paun Gabriel Razvan

Satadru Chique

Timothy M. Grant



KaaS blockchain and SDK + MiningOS

Version 1 of the Knowledge as a Service blockchain- Ability to add skills via TEXT- Upon task completion, results are returned as TEXT- KaaS blockchain SDK in multiple programming languages- Dedicated MiningOS for constant nodes (also available as VM image to download), anddedicated mining software for multi-purpose machines (i.e. home PCs)- Cloud processing power - rent the CPU & GPU cores of the network, provide rewards inKaaS currency

Audio-Video interfacing with the KaaS Blockchain

Add skills via Audio and/or Video, thus enabling imitation learning & augmented reality applications- When tasks as completed, the results can be rendered as Audio and/or Video, alongside text- Cloud audio-video processing power, integrated in popular editing software

Conversation partner

Natural language interaction between people and software agents- Includes automatic translation features, plus local colloquialisms wherever available- Applications in medicine (especially elderly patients) and early childhood education

Anonymous data analytics and diagnostics

Knowledge as a Service via Skills Blockchain – v6- Applications in medicine, legal, education, web, marketing- Earn rewards when new skills are created based on conclusions extracted from yourprivately owned, anonymized data

Employee as a Service

Combining the technologies developed throughout the above milestones, software will be able to successfully free many people from desk and/or phone jobs, allowing them to get more fulfilling jobs.Applications in legal, IT&C, marketing, sales, support.- Teacher As A Service will allow the displaced low-skilled employees to learn new, higherlevel skills, and get better jobs than the ones they quit

RoboticsOS & SDK

Using robotic end-effectors, allow Employee as a Service agents to interact with the real world, and assist human agents in their tasks.Applications in mining, transport, agriculture, raw ore and materials processing, industry, medicine.


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开始时间 :2018-09-01

结束时间 :2018-11-15

硬顶 :3000万 EUR

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