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About Renaissance Engineering Renaissance Engineering is a construction blockcha...


Cagdas Yilmaz

Co-founder & Civil Engineer

Gizem Gonen

Interior Designer & CMO

Burak Kus

Mechanical Engineer & COO

Sitki Annakkaya

Cİvil Engineer & Head of Business

Mustafa Ulusoy

Developer & Blockchain Architect

Emre Uluçam

CFO & Financial Head

Umut Aydeniz

Supply chief & Civil Engineer



Q3 2018

Foundation of Renaissance Enginnering. Development RE token & business model. Writing whitepaper and website launch. Partnership with Waves Platform for ICO sale buy walls format.Pre marketing & advertising for ICO.Presale/Ico/Public sale launch.Airdrops for early investors.1m soft cap & 5m hard cap targets.

Q4 2018

Start of monthly airdrop (%4). Searching suitable land for building and draw archıtectural /static projects. Launching new website and implantation online project service for customer via website. Start of first building project. Expand team with technical staff. Foundation of International Donation Fund for Children by RE Company.Adding services worldwide online restoration, interior architecture design,and smart house technology to the website of Renaissance Engineering.


Finishing first Project and announcement of the profit amount for RE token holders. Building of woldwide real estate website, House selling integrated with RE token from this website discounted prices. Waves Smart contract integration for buy and sell house from Renaissance Engineering real-estate website. Searching suitable/profitable worlwide major construction deals(airport,dam,hotel,luxury villas).


Launching Renaissance Lab Incubator. Start of residence Project,Established projects details and estimated finish time for profit distribution. IOS and Android apps released. Mobile One click Project draw,house sell,and buy online. Partnerships with global real estate agencies for use our token for sales with waves smart contracts.Permanent income creation with buying hotel(monthly profıt share to holders). Creation of World first house sell & buy DEX with crypto assets.


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开始时间 :2018-09-15

结束时间 :2018-11-15

众筹价格 : 10.081

软顶 :100万 USD

硬顶 :500万 USD

状态 : 已结束