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New Analytics Tool on EXMO: Portfolio's All-Time PnL

Exmo 2020-09-07 09:50 Category Others
07.09.2020 09:50

New Analytics Tool on EXMO: Portfolio's All-Time PnL

To develop a new analytics unit, we had to process two terabytes of data, analyze 35 billion transaction records and drink a lot of coffee.

You are already familiar with two analytics tools: 7-day PnL and unrealized PnL.

  • 7-day PnL displays how much and why assets in your portfolio have grown over the last 7 days.
  • Unrealized PnL, on the other hand, calculates how much profit or loss you will incur if you sell assets at the current price.

Today, we are excited to present a new analytical tool: All-time PnL of your portfolio and assets in it. This module demonstrates the effectiveness of all your actions on EXMO from the moment you created your account. 

It displays your successful trading transactions, as well as mistakes, and also provides a lot of useful information such as the total volume of deposits, withdrawals, the total profitability of your portfolio and each asset in it for all time.

Learn My All-Time PnL

Asset’s All-time PnL

All-time PnL of the asset takes into account:

  • Your current asset balance.
  • Trade balance of asset (the difference between sales and purchases of the asset for all time).
  • Balance of asset deposits and withdrawals (the difference between withdrawals and deposits for all time).

All parameters mentioned above are used in dollar equivalent at the time of the transaction.

Asset's all-time PnL is calculated using the formula:

Sounds too complicated? Let's understand the functionality of All-time PnL with a simple example!

You are the lucky one who bought 1 Bitcoin in December 2016 at a price of $900 per coin. And in December 2017, when the asset price reached a record $20,000, you decided that it was high time to sell. 

To calculate your profitability, the system compares the purchase price of the asset and its current value. At the time of the sale of 1 Bitcoin in December 2017, your profitability was $19100 or 2222%!

Of course, this is just an example. You could have carried out thousands of transactions from the moment you created your EXMO account, and All-time PnL will allow you to track and analyse each transaction. 

Portfolio's All-Time PnL

The portfolio's All-time PnL is calculated using the same formula, but it makes use of the total parameters of your portfolio (all trades/deposits/withdrawals).

You can check the all-time profitability of your portfolio and its assets in the Analytics section on the ‘Wallet’ page. We continue to work on the analytical block to expand its functionality and make your trading decisions even more effective. Stay tuned for updates and don't miss the announcements of new tools.

Check My All-Time PnL

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