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USD Not Support Wall Street Games (WSG) Token Migration 02-10 09:32 Coin Wall Street Games Category Others

According to the Wall Street Games (WSG) project team, Wall Street Games (WSG) will be swapped for a new token at a ratio of 2,000,000 (old) to 1 (new). As per the project's request, has temporarily suspended the deposit service for Wall Street Games (WSG) and is actively cooperating with the project in handling the related matters of token migration. However, despite multiple communications between and the project, the project insists that cannot participate in the whole Wall Street Games (WSG) token migration. will later enable withdrawal services for this token, and users can withdraw their hoildings to their personal wallets. Users can withdraw their holdings to their personal wallets or contact the project team for token swap based on their own needs.

Swap Method: Exchange users need to transfer WSG to a decentralized wallet first and then transfer them from the decentralized wallet to the specified address provided by the project. Specified Address: 0x7D72aFf3709e1f2461c059664404C044F493F335 Swap Deadline: February 16, 2024, 00:00 UTC

Note: 1) Exchange users should not send tokens directly from the exchange to the specified wallet. 2) The wallet you use should be compatible with the Arbitrum network, as the new token will be automatically airdropped to that wallet.

Please note that, based on's evaluation, the new Wall Street Games (WSG) token is not eligible for trading on, and will not support the new Wall Street Games (WSG) token but will continue to support the trading of the old token.

As the old Wall Street Games (WSG) token will be replaced by the new one, users can freely choose to withdraw your Wall Street Games (WSG) token or contact the project team for swap. Users can also choose to continue trading on, but it is essential to thoroughly understand the project's situation to avoid losses. Thank you for your understanding and support.

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