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GateEarn Online Class: A Full Review of Dual-Invest and Auto-Invest Products 02-10 11:01 Coin InvestDex Category Others

Gate Earn is hosting the sixth session of online class focusing on reviewing Dual-Investment and Auto-Investment at 5:00 PM UTC+8 on February 15.

In this class, we will have a comprehensive review of two financial products, Dual-Investment and Auto-Investment, aiming to help users establish a more solid foundation and assist them in building a better asset management system.

Take the class:

In this Gate Earn class, we will review two financial products, Dual-Investment and Auto-Investment. Both products have their benefits. Do you want to know how to keep your assets growing by combining them? Don't miss out on the class!

Dual investment products are non-principal protected financial products with floating income introduced by They are also structured financial products based on options. Compared to other principal-protected investment products, dual investment products carry certain risks but also offer higher potential returns. If leveraging the tool effectively, investors can truly earn profits regardless of price action.

Dual Investment is a simple, stable, and passive investment management strategy with low risks. Under this strategy, users can invest fixed amounts at regular intervals, hold their investment targets for the long term, and earn regardless of market fluctuations. It emphasizes a long-term investment perspective and continuous investment, reducing the risk borne by investors when prices fall and allowing users to sell their assets for profit when the market rebounds.

Want to have a preview before the class begins? Let's go to Gate Learn:

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