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VIP Sharing Campaign Continues, Enjoy VIP+2 Together 02-23 18:14 Category Others

Gate’s Institutional Service has upgraded the “VIP Sharing” campaign to invite new users to join us. All users who are enjoying VIP services (including spot and futures) on other exchanges can enjoy 30-day benefits corresponding to the VIP+2 benefit in the exchange.

Campaign Period: From 00:00 February 23, 2024, to 23:59 March 31, 2024 (UTC+0)

Eligibility: Traders whose past 30-day trading volume on other exchanges exceeds 8 million USDT

Campaign Application: Click the link below to apply or email [email protected], or contact @KA_EMEA, @KA_APAC on Telegram.

Campaign Rules: ● Based on your VIP level corresponding to your last 30-day trading volume, you can apply for a 30-day VIP+2 benefit. For example, if Jack's trading volume on other exchanges in the past 30 days was 20 million USDT, which corresponds to a VIP level of 8 on, Jack will enjoy a VIP10 experience for 30 days, and so on. ● After the 30-day VIP+2 experience ends, your VIP level will be adjusted according to your last 30-day actual transaction volume on ● The maximum VIP+2 benefit level for this campaign is VIP13. ● During the VIP level experience period, you can not participate in Startup.

Special Reminder: If you are a market maker on other exchanges, you can participate in the GMMC Market Maker Program and enjoy MM+1 and VIP14 or higher rates benefit. View VIP level rates: www.gate.io

Join, enjoy the benefits of VIP Sharing, and make your trading more convenient and secure! Stay tuned for more surprises during our 10th-anniversary celebration.

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Users who have traded more than $8 million on or other exchanges in the past 30 days enter the Global Market Maker Program

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