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查看BTC在Binance价格排名 binance Binance -
查看BTC在Binance价格排名 binance Binance BTC/USDT
查看BTC在Coinbase价格排名 gdax Coinbase BTC/USD
查看BTC在Bitget价格排名 bitget Bitget -
查看BTC在Huobi价格排名 huobipro Huobi BTC/USDT
查看BTC在LATOKEN价格排名 latoken LATOKEN -
查看BTC在Gate.io价格排名 gate-io BTC/USDT
查看BTC在UPbit价格排名 upbit UPbit BTC/KRW
查看BTC在Bybit价格排名 bybit Bybit -
查看BTC在Bitstamp价格排名 bitstamp Bitstamp BTC/USD
查看BTC在Kraken价格排名 kraken Kraken XBT/USD
查看BTC在KuCoin价格排名 kucoin KuCoin BTC/USDT
查看BTC在Bitflyer价格排名 bitflyer Bitflyer -
查看BTC在Poloniex价格排名 poloniex Poloniex BTC/USDT
查看BTC在OKX价格排名 okex OKX -
查看BTC在Coincheck价格排名 coincheck Coincheck BTC/JPY
查看BTC在Bybit价格排名 bybit Bybit -
查看BTC在Bitfinex价格排名 bitfinex Bitfinex BTC/USD
查看BTC在Binance价格排名 binance Binance -
查看BTC在BigONE价格排名 bigone BigONE -
查看BTC在Gemini价格排名 gemini Gemini BTC/USD
查看BTC在Kraken价格排名 kraken Kraken XBT/EUR
查看BTC在P2PB2B价格排名 p2pb2b P2PB2B -
查看BTC在P2PB2B价格排名 p2pb2b P2PB2B -
查看BTC在Bithumb价格排名 bithumb Bithumb BTC/KRW
查看BTC在Coinbase价格排名 gdax Coinbase -
查看BTC在HitBTC价格排名 hitbtc HitBTC -
查看BTC在OceanEx价格排名 oceanex OceanEx -
查看BTC在Paribu价格排名 paribu Paribu -
查看BTC在HashKey Exchange价格排名 hashkey-exchange HashKey Exchange BTC/USD
查看BTC在Coinbase价格排名 gdax Coinbase BTC/EUR
查看BTC在Bitrue价格排名 bitrue Bitrue -
查看BTC在HitBTC价格排名 hitbtc HitBTC -
查看BTC在CoinEx价格排名 coinex CoinEx -
查看BTC在Exmo价格排名 exmo Exmo -
查看BTC在Coinbase价格排名 gdax Coinbase BTC/GBP
查看BTC在Bitstamp价格排名 bitstamp Bitstamp BTC/EUR
查看BTC在Bitfinex价格排名 bitfinex Bitfinex BTC/UST
查看BTC在bitbank价格排名 bitbank bitbank BTC/JPY
查看BTC在Kraken价格排名 kraken Kraken XBT/USDT
查看BTC在Cryptology价格排名 cryptology Cryptology -
查看BTC在Huobi价格排名 huobipro Huobi -
查看BTC在Binance价格排名 binance Binance -
查看BTC在Coinone价格排名 coinone Coinone BTC/KRW
查看BTC在Exmo价格排名 exmo Exmo -
查看BTC在Binance价格排名 binance Binance -
查看BTC在DigiFinex价格排名 digifinex DigiFinex -
查看BTC在Binance价格排名 binance Binance -
查看BTC在Coinsbit价格排名 coinsbit Coinsbit -
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比特币BTCProfile details

The concept of Bitcoin (Bitcoin) was first proposed by Nakamoto in 2009, according to Satoshi Nakamoto's idea of ​​designing open source software and building a P2P network. Bitcoin is a P2P digital currency. Point-to-point transmission means a decentralized payment system. Unlike most currencies, Bitcoin does not rely on specific currency institutions to issue. It is based on specific algorithms and generated by a large number of calculations. The Bitcoin economy uses a distributed database of multiple nodes in the entire P2P network to confirm and record all transactions. And the use of cryptography design to ensure the security of the various aspects of currency circulation. P2P decentralization features and algorithms itself can ensure that can not be manipulated through the large number of bitcoin to manipulate the currency value. The cryptographic design allows bitcoin to be transferred or paid only by the real owner. This also ensures the anonymity of currency ownership and liquidity transactions. The biggest difference between Bitcoin and other virtual currencies is that their total number is very limited and they are extremely scarce. The currency system had no more than 10.5 million in 4 years, and the total amount will be permanently limited to 21 million.

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