Quantum Chain Qtum is the first POS smart contract platform based on the UTXO model to enable eco-compatibility with Bitcoin Ecology and Ethereum and to promote the commercialization of blockchain technology and improve the quality of the blockchain industry through its mobile-side strategy Ease of use, designed to connect the real business community with the blockchain world. Therefore, the quantum chain is a blockbuster application platform integrator.

The Quantum Chain standardizes the development of business intelligence contracts using its academic partners, development tools and methodologies, including accurate translation of natural language contracts into machine-readable smart contracts, details of high fault tolerance, and contractual terms. A third party will develop a dedicated user interface with the assistance of the quantum chain to enhance smart contract lifecycle management.

Quantum Chain is designed to create a smart contract hub through collaboration with a range of partners and third parties, providing secure and iteratively tested contract templates for a variety of industries and use cases such as supply chain management, communications, the Internet of Things, social networking Media and so on.