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Spot Leverage Legal Tender Futures
币格Reported Volume
币格Coins 105
币格Launched 2017-12-24
币格Alexa Rank #5408339
币格Prediction Ranking No.20
币格Volume Ranking No.21
币格Market 117
币格Country/Region Seychelles
币格Monthly Visits 891K

BigONE is a global cryptocurrency trading and custody platform founded in 2017, clad in four principles - Integrity, Security, Professionalism, and Win-Win. The exchange has developed comprehensive digital assets trading services. The ecosystem runs the gamut, including both spot and margin trading, leverage trading, BigONE Loans, PoS Mining Pool, decentralized exchange BigDEX, decentralized mining pool BigProxy, digital assets crowdfunding platform AngelONE (IEO), wealth management products, providing users a one-stop solution for their digital assets. BigONE implements a 100% margin, protects users' digital assets with cutting-edge wallet technology and risk control processes, and provides bank-level security, reliable, and easy-to-use blockchain asset custody and transaction services to users worldwide. BigONE’s core team has five years of experience in managing cryptocurrency trading platforms and is equipped with seasoned expertise in sourcing digital assets. BigONE fully upholds the spirit of blockchain, cultivates token ONE Ecosystem, and advocates for the sharing of the exchange’s profit and benefits with all BigONE users. BigOEN firmly believes that blockchain can change the future for the better, and strives to become the gateway to blockchain across the globe.

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Rating: 49.74

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