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No.34 Coinone交易所Ranking
Spot Legal Tender
CoinoneReported Volume
CoinoneCoins 197
CoinoneLaunched 2014-02-01
CoinoneAlexa Rank #44431
CoinonePrediction Ranking No.29
CoinoneVolume Ranking No.49
CoinoneMarket 197
CoinoneCountry/Region South Korea
CoinoneMonthly Visits 2.4M

Coinone is the third-largest bitcoin trading platform in Korea based in Seoul, Korea, and was established in February 2014. Its daily trading volume is equivalent to the second largest exchange, comparable to Korbit. Bithumb is still the largest bitcoin market, with about 76% of the domestic market. In addition to operating a cryptocurrency platform, Coinone also operates blockchain-based remittance services.On September 11, 2017, Coinone announced that its first and the world's first digital currency offline physical exchange, Coinone Blocks, opened in Seoul. Trading services on the exchange are exactly the same as online, while offline exchanges also offer face-to-face transaction advisory services and sell USB hardware wallets. The exchange houses a Bitcoin ATM machine with six main digital currency ticks (BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, XPR, and QTUM) viewed on the display in real time.Coinone said the move is designed to meet the needs of people who want secure transactions and the use of physical services and says Coinone Blocks is committed to "create a healthy and transparent data currency ecosystem."

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Tether Tether -
Ethereum Ethereum -
Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC/KRW -
Solana Solana -
Doge coin Doge coin -
Ondo Ondo -
Worldcoin Worldcoin -
TON Coin TON Coin -
Klaytn Klaytn -
Kaspa Kaspa -
Cardano Cardano -
Ethereum Classic Ethereum Classic -
Filecoin [Mainnet] Filecoin [Mainnet] -
Wemix Token Wemix Token -
Bonk Bonk -
Ethereum Name Service Ethereum Name Service -
Chainlink Chainlink -
Ethena Ethena -
Bitcoin ABC Bitcoin ABC -
Starknet Starknet -
Pay Coin Pay Coin -
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CoinoneVol %

  • USDT 23.23%
  • ETH 20.54%
  • BTC 15.12%
  • XRP 8.36%
  • SOL 5.15%
  • DOGE 4.55%
  • ONDO 2.84%
  • WLD 2.60%
  • TON 1.92%
  • other 15.62%