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No.21 HitBTC交易所Ranking
Spot Legal Tender
HitBTCReported Volume
HitBTCCoins 422
HitBTCLaunched 2013-01-01
HitBTCAlexa Rank #58014
HitBTCPrediction Ranking No.17
HitBTCVolume Ranking No.36
HitBTCMarket 825
HitBTCCountry/Region United Kingdom
HitBTCMonthly Visits 1.4M

Founded in 2013, HitBTC is a bitcoin trading platform in the United Kingdom. HitBTC is one of the world's leading crypto digital currency trading platforms and has been offering deals for individual users since 2013. HitBTC Trading Platform is famous for its advanced matching engine, multi-currency support and friendly customer service. In addition to the transactions between digital currencies, HitBTC also offers trading pairs of legal and digital currencies, namely the U.S. and Euro markets.HitBTC's innovative and technical features are to create a robust API that meets the needs of algorithmic traders in high-frequency trading. In addition, HitBTC provides support for FIX trading via HitBTC FIX trading and FIX market data terminals.

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Rating: 61.94

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