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No.22 库币KuCoin交易所Ranking
Spot OTC
库币Reported Volume
库币Coins 773
库币Launched 2017-09-01
库币Alexa Rank #9749339
库币Prediction Ranking No.10
库币Volume Ranking No.21
库币Market 1146
库币Country/Region Hong Kong
库币Monthly Visits 10.46M

Coincoin network is the "blockchain" as the core of the digital asset trading platform. As early as 2011, the founding team of Digital Asset Trading Platform started to study blockchain technology. In 2013, it took the lead in realizing the technical structure of the Coin Trading platform. In 2017, the Coincoin team officially entered the digital asset trading service platform. Reliable, scalable technology architecture, excellent service, and more operational strategies, CNcoin digital asset trading platform truly captured market share.

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Rating: 60.10