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Data: Ethereum Layer 2 network TVL is now $12 billion, an increase of nearly 10% in the past 7 days

2023-10-30 16:48 Monday

According to L2BEAT data, the TVL of the Ethereum Layer 2 network is now US$12 billion, with an increase of 9.85% in the past seven days.

Among them, Arbitrum One network TVL is US$6.63 billion, an increase of 10.78% in the past seven days; OP Mainnet network TVL is US$3 billion, an increase of 9.44% in the past seven days

The zkSync Era network TVL is US$463 million, an increase of 15.45% in the past seven days. The Scroll network TVL is US$25.13 million, an increase of 72.42% in the past seven days.