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Polish Zetly Creates a Revolutionary All In One Platform for Sports

2022.08.11 12:58

Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

Zetly is a Polish-Estonian technological startup whose main goal is to build the largest digital All in One platform for fans, sportsmen, clubs, and federations. The project initiators set the main goals of Zetly's activity to create new sources of income for clubs and federations by issuing their own internal currency - club tokens and creating business strategies based on new ways of engaging community of fans. An important element of Zetly's activities is also education and community building, creating superfans and increasing the digital reach of clubs, sports organizations, and athletes.

“We want to enable all participants of the sports market to participate equally in the co-creation of the digital economy, regardless of their size, level of development and resources. Zetly wants to facilitate the exchange and trade of collectibles by using digital technologies and creating new digital products for sports. For all fans, Zetly will build a marketplace for digital content in the form of NFT, allowing them to generate new, additional revenues while securing their copyrights and property rights through digital certificates,” emphasizes Michał Glijer, founder and CEO of Zetly. 

For the Zetly team, education on the usability of blockchain networks and the potential of digital technologies is also important. The All in One Platform implemented by Zetly will consist of several modules, and its heart will be a digital wallet - Zetly Wallet. Thanks to it, everyone will be able to carry out all financial transactions on the Zetly platform.

The basic module of the platform is the Zetly Sport Module. This module is dedicated mainly to sports fans and clubs. For clubs, the Sport Module will be the basis for issuing their own utility tokens, which will be exchanged for ZET Tokens. In addition, club tokens will be redeemable for special offers of club products, rewards, digital collectibles, voting and influence rights. Zetly Sport will also facilitate a club token exchange marketplace, the value of which will depend, among others, on the team's successes, but also from supply and demand. Their owners can freely trade them in the peer to peer system.

Another important module of the platform will be Zetly NFT Creator

“This solution is intended primarily for fans and all those who are interested in NFT technology. Thanks to this module, platform users will be able to create and sell digital content in the form of NFT. It is a solution for everyone who wants to share their life and emotions - adds Glijer

Zetly Collectibles, in turn, allows to purchase, own, and transfer unique digital assets that will be linked to the NFT. The sale of digital collections will expand the sources of revenue for clubs. In addition, it is an opportunity to promote personal brands by creating unique collectibles related to athletes.

Zetly Crowd is a crowdfunding module that connects people actively seeking funding with committed fans and supporters. On the Zetly platform, the Crowd Module will be available to every user, regardless of whether it is a player, sportsmen, artist, team, club, or any other sports organization. 

In addition, Zetly will create a special, autonomous special SPORT HUB in the form of a white label, i.e., an application equipped with a number of functions with a dedicated CMS system for managing communication with all stakeholders, and above all with fans. SPORT HUB will be equipped primarily with a launchpad for creating digital NFT collections and will also be fully integrated with the global Zetly platform.

“Thanks to these solutions, clubs can build a smart arena with a ticket sales system based on the NFT, tokens as a means of payment in the fan's shop and tokens, thanks to which fans will be able to vote free and take part in important events in the club's life. Such activities will allow building an even larger community around the clubs. Zetly also offers leagues and clubs the tools available in the Hub to engage and strengthen the activity among league sponsors and fans” - says Michał Glijer.

Play to Earn Solutions

Zetly offers one more interesting functionalities for clubs: 12 Player and Away Games in combination with Play to Earn solutions. Away Games solutions allow fans to expand their knowledge both virtually and live, for example about the city to which his beloved team is going. They can do it by visiting virtually unique places, learning about the history of a given club or interesting facts from its life. Fans can also get to know players who were important to this club. People who decide to play away with their club can do the same. Sometimes it is enough to be in a given city 2-3 hours earlier to take advantage of the surprises prepared as part of Away Games.

The nearest future

Zetly is currently preparing to issue its tokens on several prestigious Launchpads and to be listed on CEX. So far, the company has signed several dozen agreements with entities from the sports, technology, and financial sectors. The Zetly team consists of experienced people from the sports, event, and digital assets industries, supported by the best international advisors.

In conclusion - Zetly will help the entire sports industry in transition to digital reality and use its potential. It will be a bridge between clubs, fans, and organizations, thus enabling the transformation of occasional fans into active influential creators - superfans who support their beloved teams and organizations on an ongoing basis.