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Flare and Uppercent Team Up Establishing First NFT Marketplace for E-Learning

Ashfaq 2023.02.08 23:00

An educational marketplace driven by NFTs has been launched by the interoperable blockchain network Flare in collaboration with the edtech firm Uppercent. High-quality online courses taught by the top 1% of achievers globally will be made accessible via the usage of non-fungible tokens, issued on Flare.

Members may purchase, sell, and trade access permits to special courses created by Uppercent professionals with a range of experiences on the platform. These people include well-known business and mindset coaches, social media celebrities, and Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneurs. The lecturers will discuss professional skills including entrepreneurship, social media, and mentality while outlining the lessons they have acquired along the way to the top.

The platform will roll out gradually, with the first courses and educators expected to be announced in late March. Students will be able to access their accounts in phase one and sign up for forthcoming courses. Later on in the year, the platform will officially debut, at which point customers will be able to start purchasing and selling access permits to the courses on the Uppercent marketplace.

When it comes to single-user online courses or pricey textbooks that can’t be readily resold, traditional student learning has a high access cost.

Uppercent hopes to establish a vibrant secondary market for access passes while democratizing education. Uppercent is reinventing e-learning to give students and educators more value by creating a secondary market for education.

Flare Co-Founder & CEO, Hugo Philion, said, “We’re excited Uppercent has chosen Flare as the blockchain to power web3 functionality for the next generation of edtech products. As firm believers in the potential for NFTs and the importance of high quality user-generated content, we look forward to enabling the Uppercent team to use Flare to push the boundaries of UX and utility in the online education market.” 

Uppercent Founder & CEO, Jake Lee, said “We’re delighted that Flare has joined our journey towards bridging E-learning from web2 to web3 with the ambition to rebuild the e-learning ecosystem and provide more value to all stakeholders. Flare’s interoperability protocols, and particularly the State Connector will be a huge help in enabling us to build the first secondary market for E-learning.”

The Uppercent platform creates a community of like-minded people who want to better themselves as well as a marketplace where knowledge is exchanged and access to courses may be purchased. Anyone who signs up for the project’s Discord group before the launch may become a free member of Uppercent.