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Super Snappy Unveils Interoperable Social Gaming Platform with Web3 Items - NFTgators

Nicholas Kitonyi 2023.06.21 00:55

Quick take:

  • Super Snappy has unveiled its cross-platform messaging platform to bring web3 games to the masses.
  • The platform allows social media users to join the game by using a link.
  • Super Snappy is scheduled for a private launch on July 15, with the official launch set for September 15.

Super Snappy has unveiled its cross-platform gaming platform that allows users to join by clicking a link. The HTML5-based gaming app offers a variety of gaming tools and features including a games portal, and a persistent social network with 3D avatars, pets, spaces, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

According to the announcement, Super Snappy is scheduled to launch the private version of its gaming ecosystem on July 15 for holders of the First Citizens NFT collection, with the official launch coming two months later.

The company said its first few dozen games for its platform are being produced in-house in partnership with Voodoo, a video game developer and publisher renowned for developing predominantly free-to-play “hyper-casual games” that have garnered more than 5 billion downloads to date.

Super Snappy is targeting the global mobile gaming market that boasts over 3 billion players for the fast onboarding of users. The company said its decision to launch its own platform was partly because it has been kicked off too many platforms in the past.

Commenting on the unveiling of his company’s proprietary gaming platform, Yohami Zerpa, CEO of Super Snappy highlighted the way social gaming has evolved over the years from its early years to the times when Facebook tried to corner the market before it eventually reached its current fragmented state.

“[The social gaming market] became fragmented, with each social game forced to develop its own social graph and ecosystem,” Zerpa said.

His company wants to bring back the connective nature of social gaming, by allowing friends to easily play games together by joining with a link.

“For players, we’re removing friction from playing games,” Zerpa said. “When you’re on the platform, all you need to do is press a button. We give easy access to play with friends. For developers, your game can just go viral.”

According to Zerpa, Super Snappy is the social gaming platform the market has been waiting for, as it allows players to “keep their profiles, friend lists, feeds, achievements and digital assets as players hop from game to game.”

The platform will be available on all platforms including mobile (iOS & Android), desktop (PC, Mac, Linux), and consoles (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo).

Once you choose a game that you are interested in playing, all you need to do is send an invite link for your friends to join, added Zerpa.


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