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Revolutionising the real estate industry

ticker NEWS 2023.11.21 13:19

There’s flipping houses, but how do you flip the real estate industry?

Real estate is an age-old game that is very competitive and demanding for clients and agents alike.

Enter Whitefox, known for turning the conventional real estate model on its head.

Founder and CEO Marty Fox joined Ticker Masterclass’ Joey Scandizzo to unpack the secrets of his journey, discussing the unconventional methods that set Whitefox apart.

From aesthetics to tone of voice, Fox explains the importance of standing out in a crowded market. As a family man, he unravels the delicate balance between personal and professional life. Addressing stereotypes in the industry, Fox sheds light on what makes Whitefox agents different. Finally, he offers a glimpse into the future, revealing what’s next for the innovative real estate force, Whitefox.