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Standing out in the competitive world of comedy

ticker NEWS 2023.11.21 13:19

Developing a unique tone to stand out in the competitive world of comedy

There are many comedians in the world, but how can you turn comedy into a successful business?

Enter Sooshi Mango – A group that seamlessly transformed their social media comedy into a thriving business empire. What began as humorous content on various social platforms has evolved into a formidable brand encompassing a wine label, a successful restaurant venture, and sold-out live shows both in Australia and abroad.

The trios’ journey from online laughter to a multifaceted business phenomenon is a testament to the power of humor and creativity in carving out unique entrepreneurial paths. As whispers of an impending movie launch circulate, the trio welcomes enthusiasts to join this extraordinary venture that blurs the lines between entertainment and entrepreneurship.

Ticker Masterclass host Joey Scandizzo delves into the uncharted success story with Sooshi Mango, where laughter not only echoes through screens but resonates across diverse business realms.