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Behind the scenes of the bikini juggernaut

ticker NEWS 2023.11.21 13:19

How social media played a role in drastic growth of Triangl

The business of swimwear is a competitive one.

Enter Triangl, a global swimwear brand that pioneered neoprene cuts and harnessed the power of influencers before it were a thing with a purpose to offer stylish swimwear at an affordable price.

Fast forward to today, Triangl stands as the epitome of Australian success on the global stage, boasting a $200 million valuation and cult status – all within a decade from being founded.

However, this journey wasn’t easy– co founder Erin Deering had to step away at the peak of Triangl’s glory – which, through intense self-reflection, found a renewed sense of purpose – lessons that she now shares on her podcast, in her book and public speaking.

Erin Deering joined Ticker Business Learnings host Nadia Bartel to discuss the journey and whats next.